The Faculty and Staff of Color Council is an advisory board that makes recommendations to the President on matters pertaining to diversity and issues that affect faculty and staff of color at WWU. The Council also serves as a catalyst for social engagement and community for BIPOC employees. All activities shall advance the educational and cultural philosophical principles of inclusiveness and advocacy, and engender mutual respect for all groups. 


  • To foster a better understanding of accessibility, diversity, equity, and justice through joint programs and open dialogues.
  • To advocate on behalf of the diverse staff/faculty populations.
  • To increase the amount of faculty and staff of color to be more representative of the population.
  • Work to build a more inclusive university environment.
  • To promote and provide a place for community and social interaction among BIPOC faculty and staff.


To support and advise programs to promote and increase retention of faculty and staff of color.


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary/Publicity
  • Treasurer
  • Professional Staff Committee Chair
  • Classified Staff Committee Chair
  • NTT Faculty Committee Chair
  • TT Faculty Committee Chair
  • At-Large Representatives (2)

General Council

The General Council will consist of members who wish to represent an interest in issues of race/ethnicity on Western’s campus. 


  1. The make up of the Executive Council shall contain at least 1 Faculty, Professional and Classified staff member at all times. 
  2. The President shall be the chief executive officer for the Council; they shall plan all regular and special meetings and oversee all Faculty and Staff of Color Council activities. 
  3. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is not available, and shall be responsible for oversight of all committee activities.
  4. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all organizational activities and keep all official records.  It will be duty of this person to communicate with organization membership and all organization correspondence.
  5. The Treasurer shall provide management over funds donated to the Faculty and Staff of Color Council and shall act as liaison with the Western Foundation to manage and provide a report of expenditures and donations at every regular meeting.
  6. Standing committees shall meet a minimum once a year to discuss issues relevant to that committee.


The executive council will determine meeting times, dates, and locations based upon the availability of council members and will meet at least once a month. The general council will meet twice a quarter, more or less depending on scheduling of events and number of agenda items.
The executive council shall form special committees as needed. The Chair shall appoint committee chairpersons.

Charter Amendments

Amendments to the charter shall be presented by members of the executive council in writing and read at a regular meeting but shall not be voted upon until the next regular meeting. A 2/3 majority vote of the Executive Council shall be required to pass any such amendment.